Talent development

Take the journey towards your future together with VK

People are VKLINK most important asset. VKLINK offers a variety of training and education programs to enhance each individual's skill set.

Development program

At VK, we map out a specific career development path for you and we bring the most suitable training programs to help you improve your work efficiency. Once your work efficiency is enhanced, you will be entrusted with more challenging tasks and with the active support from colleagues and superiors, your career goals will definitely come true. .

Core training

VK core value education leadership training business Skill training professional job training

Mentoring education core talent training technical training introductory training for newly hired employees

Technical training

IT core technology training IT trend training official certification training PM professional training sales training

E - learning

Leadership training business Skill training common competency training job specialty training foreign language education mobile education

Core talent training program

We select core talents for each level and provide coaching and resources to ensure that they become experts and leaders in their fiel

Capacity building program

  1. Support for self-development planning

- Education and training guidelines

2. Team leader, mentor feedback and management

- COACHING WEEK(Intermediate reviews)

- COACHING TIPS(Special Lectures and Resources)

3. Capacity building

- Provide training information

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