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Choosing a software outsourcing partner

1. Make a list

You look for outsourcing companies, not software trading companies. This can be a common mistake made by people who are not in the industry. Please refer to the article on “Writing software on demand”.

You use google to search for the keyword "software company" or "outsourcing", choose the company close to your office, the more number the better.

2. Information collection

You make a list of software companies and collect the following information about the business:

Website: Website shows information about the company, the more professional and clear the website, the better.

  • Address and office: the address is clear, so avoid the company based in the office for rent.

  • Year of establishment: look up at the website of the Department of Planning : and Investment, the domain name of the company website is a good reference for the year of the company, you can look it up at: . A company with a history of more than 5 years of establishment will be a more stable company than a newly established company.

  • Leadership information: Find keywords related to company leaders.

  • Total number of employees.

  • What is the highest value contract?

  • Name 5 biggest customers.

3. Call and visit the company

You call and visit the company. The office, the people, the way to receive guests help you have a more realistic and clear view of the partner company. In this age of technology, everything that looks on the internet is often quite virtual.

4. Quotation and consultation

You send a software request to 5-10 partners with the highest score and wait for a response. This response is an important document on which to base the final decision:

Implementation costs.

  • Execution time.

  • Human resources involved: You ask your partner to list a list of human resources participating in the project, qualifications, experience and role each person in the project.

5. Final choice

After having all the information, choose 2-3 partners with the highest score and ask to present. Your company should have 3-5 people listening to the presentation and grading. You prepare questions about human resources, project implementation, risks, handling of changes in project requirements, after-sales and maintenance questions, and questions about partners and the software that the outsourcing company has made.

The final choice will be discussed and agreed upon by the whole team, objectively and with clear, non-emotional data to submit to the Boss for approval of the project.

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