AI - Data science - Blockchain

Our digital commerce solution provides end-to-end commerce capabilities bringing the best to help companies drive revenue and optimize your omni-channel commerce operations

Unleash the power of unlimited processing

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Electronic know your customer - eKYC

With an electronic customer identification and authentication solution, allowing the bank to identify customers 100% online based on biometric information (biometrics), customer identification by artificial intelligence (AI),... no need to meet face-to-face like the current process.

Machine learning

We build and deploy end-to-end machine learning applications into your ecosystem. Using Machine Learning to build cognitive technology frameworks that will help you future-proof your business processes through data-driven decision making, risk reduction, and performance measurement.

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Chatbot Development

Create and deploy a smart virtual assistant that supports your customer service and sales results by bringing a new level of automation, speed, and availability with our AI Chatbot.

Image recognition

Get helpful insights from images, digitize documents, videos, and object recognition with the highest accuracy.

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Natural language recognition

Train BOTs to capture and identify parts of speech, entities, sentiments and other aspects of the text to serve customers better.

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Data mining

Understand data in-depth and structure them in an appropriate model to make relevant business decisions.

Why should you choose VK Link as your custom software development company in Vietnam?

VK Link is your trusted partner in digital and custom software development services. Since our establishment in 2018, we are proud to have supported over 30 businesses across Korea and Viet Nam in delivering some of the most brilliant ideas to customer’s business.

Our team comprises the top talents of the industry, who will help you lay out the strategy and walk with you through the whole process. Here are the reasons that make us a different custom software development company in comparison to the others:

Integration with local payment channels

Our experts not only understand the technology aspect but also have in-depth knowledge about your particular industry.

Adjustable UX/UI for customer friendliness

Our mission is to create a seamless user experience and deploy cost-effective, scalable, and sustainable solutions...

Team of AI and machine learning professionals

Delivering success is a habit we have built over the past decade. Our transformational initiatives bring strategic value...

Financing modules to increase sales

We have a wide network of verified partners that offer the best-suited solutions that address the needs of your business.

Quick implementation to your existing system

Move way ahead of your competition! Our unique automated processes allow you to design, build, prototype, and test products...

Deep understanding of the E-commerce ecosystem

Innovation is in our DNA! We innovate in every project we take up, whether it is ideating a brand-new solution or redefining...