IDC - Cloud

ICD Remote IT infrastructure services give clients peace of mind by allowing them to delegate the responsibility for management and performance of their IT infrastructure to ICD.

IDC - Cloud

With a team of experienced experts in the field of design, construction and management of IT infrastructure solutions, Servers. We bring customers advanced technology, professional server services.

Our services
Data Center

The service provides private servers, network equipment, security, storage, ... with diverse configurations, suitable for customers' needs, ensuring high safety and security.

Cloud storage

Provides fast, low-cost, highly durable storage for data accessed less than once a month.

Consulting deployment

Consulting and designing data centers that meet international standards.

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Enterprise application

Boost your productivity with Office suites that are available anytime, anywhere. Always ensure business applications operate continuously. Lease the latest software license from Microsoft, Plesk, Directadmin, ...

Our commitment to customer

Your success is our mission. We are always committed to providing customers with quality, secure IDC and Cloud services, along with the following other criteria:

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Data security

Services provided to customers are installed and configured with a security Firewall.​

Security system is always ready, ensuring data integrity before attacks

Flexible operation and easy conversion

Providing useful tools for users to operate and manage services safely and flexibly. Uniform infrastructure, helping customers easily switch service packages according to their needs.

24/7 support

We are always available to answer your operational and technical questions. Plus, we’ll guarantee you a quick response from our service engineers.

Why should you choose VK Link as your custom software development company in Vietnam?

VK Link is your trusted partner in digital and custom software development services. Since our establishment in 2018, we are proud to have supported over 30 businesses across Korea and Viet Nam in delivering some of the most brilliant ideas to customer’s business.

Our team comprises the top talents of the industry, who will help you lay out the strategy and walk with you through the whole process. Here are the reasons that make us a different custom software development company in comparison to the others:

Integration with local payment channels

Our experts not only understand the technology aspect but also have in-depth knowledge about your particular industry.

Adjustable UX/UI for customer friendliness

Our mission is to create a seamless user experience and deploy cost-effective, scalable, and sustainable solutions...

Team of AI and machine learning professionals

Delivering success is a habit we have built over the past decade. Our transformational initiatives bring strategic value...

Financing modules to increase sales

We have a wide network of verified partners that offer the best-suited solutions that address the needs of your business.

Quick implementation to your existing system

Move way ahead of your competition! Our unique automated processes allow you to design, build, prototype, and test products...

Deep understanding of the E-commerce ecosystem

Innovation is in our DNA! We innovate in every project we take up, whether it is ideating a brand-new solution or redefining...